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A staffing agency with nationwide coverage offering leading services in Event Support, Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Refrigerated Transportation.
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Event support
With CF Global Event Support, you have access to a wide range of different services - all tailored to make your event run as smoothly as possible. We offer back of house management, event setup and breakdown, crewing and warehouse management.

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Deep clean
CF Global Deep Clean Specialists provide commercial deep cleaning services to catering and food production facilities nationwide.

With services ranging from deep fat fryers to full kitchen risk assessment, when you bring in CF Global you know you are bringing in the best.

CF Cooling is a Refrigerated Transport service specifically designed for Event and Catering suppliers. When food production is occurring off site, our clients rely on CF Cooling to transport their food from production to event with the same level of care and professionalism that all of our services are known for.

For leading services in Event Support, Commercial Deep Cleaning and Refrigerated Transportation
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